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File Attachment to Notes – Dynamics CRM 4.0

In Dynamics CRM 4.0, file attachment to entities is pretty simple as compared to CRM 3.0. UploadFromBase64DataAnnotationRequest and UploadFromBase64DataAnnotationResponse object are both deprecated. Instead a new attribute has been introduces in annotation object with documentbody that accepts string in base64 encoding. Please find the below sample:


Reading file data into Byte array and then converting it to base64. Since I am using in memory object of StringBuilder class so I have just used str.ToString() to return string.


Byte[] data;

 ASCIIEncoding encode = new ASCIIEncoding();

data = encode.GetBytes(str.ToString());

string b64 = Convert.ToBase64String(data);


Next, simply create the annotation entity and set the attributes as below:

annotation note = new annotation();           


note.subject = “Test Export”;

note.filename = “exported.txt”;

note.mimetype = “text/html”;

note.documentbody = b64;


note.objectid = new Lookup();

note.objectid.type = “new_export”;

note.objectid.Value = entityid;

note.objecttypecode = new EntityNameReference();

note.objecttypecode.Value = “new_export”;


Guid annotationId = service.Create(note);